A Changing Global Order: Eastern African Perspective

This book has been developed as result of the workshop entitled ‘A Changing Global Order-Eastern Africa’s Roles and Interests’, held in Navisha, Kenya in June 2007. It aims to enable the stakeholders to carry the Naivasha debate forward their respective organisations and raise awareness and knowledge about the changes and challenges in the global arena. In the book, short excerpts of those far more comprehensive papers presented at the workshop have been re-arranged around six topical areas. While the contributions of this publication raise many questions, there are hardly any answers, which remain to be developed. And in this process, governments shall no longer be left alone. All actors of society are asked to contribute, in order to give Africa the strong voice it deserves in the global arena.

This Book can be accessed at: http://www.cuts-citee.org/pdf/BOOK02-07.pdf