Dissemination Workshop on State of the Kenyan Consumer 2012

Over the years the issues of consumer protection in Kenya has been touched upon in many ways, but seem to lack a comprehensive and significant policy direction. Discussions have been held on various platforms engaging stakeholders from consumer organisations, private sector, policy makers, parliamentarians and the existing legal institutions in the country with a view to address consumer concerns. Keeping in view the current social and economic realities in the country, it is an imperative for Kenya to adopt a comprehensive law on consumer protection, and establish an adequately empowered agency to protect the interest of consumers. Development and effective implementation of a comprehensive consumer protection regime (consisting of a modern consumer protection law and a well-empowered consumer protection agency) is critical to protect the interest of all consumers in the country.

The launch of the “State of the Kenyan Consumer 2012” by CUTS Nairobi scheduled for 6th September 2012 is expected to catalyse nationwide policy discussions on the need for development of a sound consumer protection regime in Kenya that conforms to international standards for the welfare of all Kenyan citizens. The report articulates the current state of consumer welfare in Kenya vis-à-vis the eight ‘consumer rights’ enshrined in the UNGCP. It also encloses analysis from a perception survey of consumers across five sectors namely: water, public transport, electricity, telecommunication and public healthcare. It was carried out in four towns in Kenya namely, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nyeri and Nairobi. The study has tried to identify challenges in achieving consumer satisfaction in these sectors and concluded with certain recommendations for the attention of the Kenyan policymakers and practitioners.