Multi-stakeholder Consultation Workshop on EPAs Development Benchmarks

CUTS Africa Resource Centre (CUTS ARC), Nairobi, in collaboration with FES Kenya, held a one-day multi-stakeholder consultation meeting on pro-development benchmarking for EPAs Agreement for Kenyan policy makers, governments, CSOs, the private sector and academic representatives in Nairobi, on August 09, 2007.

The main objectives of the workshop were to:

  • define and agree on the benchmarks that negotiations must achieve for them to be acceptable to Kenya;
  • take an audit of the EPA text with regard to achieving the identified negotiation benchmarks;
  • explore how the identified benchmarks could inform the design of regional development benchmarks; and
  • explore how development benchmarks can be used to effectively create realistic development points of reference in the context of Kenya, against which the impact of EPAs in delivering development could be assessed.
  • Background
  • Agenda
  • Participants
  • Presentations
  • Report