News Round-up

Infrastructure Gap Threat to Rwanda
Rwanda is losing billions of dollars in investments opportunities due to poor infrastructure in rural areas. According to experts, improving Rwanda’s rural infrastructure would improve access to markets; transform agriculture from largely being subsistence as well as boost access to energy, lifting millions out of poverty. 45 percent of Rwanda’s 10.7 million people live below the poverty line while access to electricity stands at only 10.8 per cent and 15 percent of unpaved roads in rural areas are in good condition.

Experts Urge to Scrutinise EPAs
The EAC member states must comprehensively scrutinise the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), experts said. According to Jesca mkuchu, Tanzania Ecumenical Dialogue Group coordinator, the EPA negotiations have been carried without involving East African citizens, who would be the victims of any negative impact from the partnership.

Museveni, Kibaki Differ on Integration
President Museveni and Kibaki have differed over the path to regional integration. Opening the Third Meeting of the Fifth Session of the East African Legislative Assembly in Tanzania reluctantly enforces the Customs Union Common External tariff and the Common Market Protocol; it insists that it will not comply with the rights of establishment, land and residency.
Kibaki urged adherence to agreed commitments to the protocols. Museveni believes that a compensatory mechanism will keep membership intact and possibly drive the political federation process forward.