Overview of Consumer Protection, Education and Governance

The Mission for the Consumer Protection, Education and Governance programme at CUTS-ARC, Nairobi is to promote socio-economic justice that embraces consumer rights. The programme engages in Research based policy advocacy on both national and regional consumer rights issues. We centre on the empowerment of marginalised consumers through education and access to information prerequisite for rational decisions, choices, voice, and informed participation in the utility sector reforms to enhance institutional transparency and accountability.

The programme focuses on the following:

  • Consumer Education & Protection

    • Consumer rights
    • Consumer safety issues
    • Consumer awareness
  • Good Governance [a participatory approach with focus on social accountability, transparency and access to information in various public institutions and sectors];
  • Utility Reforms through Consumer Participation
  • Women & Child Rights [Gender empowerment]
  • Sustainable Development (which includes MDGs, environment, livelihoods etc)


Capability Statement