Project Beneficiaries

  • In each of the activities of the project, the methodology will apply secondary data analysis and use of participatory tools during scenario planning exercise to help develop clear analysis, shared understanding and collective decision making. The field work targets individual stakeholders from farmers and groups of small-scale producers, business community, government, East African Secretariat (EAC) and civil society organisations. These are also project beneficiaries.
  • CUTS will also rely on its extensive network with these stakeholders; and, particularly, in order to engage farmers, business community and civil society organisations in EAC, CUTS will work in collaboration with the East African Farmers Federation (EAFF), the Eastern and Southern Africa Farmers Federation (ESAFF), the East African Business Council (EABC), and the East African Civil Society Forum (EACSOF). CUTS will also bring on board the divergent views, experiences and expertise of non-governmental organisations, intergovernmental organisations and development groups who are currently supporting successful agricultural initiatives geared towards food security in East Africa such as GIZ (formerly GTZ), FARM Africa, HIVOS, USAID, AGRA, WFP, FAO and many others.