Scenario-Building Exercise for EAC Agriculture Development and Food Security beyond 2020

Nairobi, Kenya, February 21-22, 2011

Food security relies fundamentally on the growth of the agriculture sector, which can guarantee a plentiful, permanent and harmonious supply of food. In its turn, more jobs can be created, and rural families can receive higher incomes that help to raise their living standards, thus becoming more economically stable. The desire to reach a food secure region has seen the East Africa Community (EAC) Partner States develop a draft “Food Security Action Plan”. In the Plan is the need to develop a regional “Food and Nutrition Policy” and, to this end, the contribution of a range of stakeholders is invited: EAC Secretariat; Partner States’ Agriculture Sector Lead Ministries; Ministries of Health, Trade, Regional Cooperation and Local Government; private sector and civil society. Background